Academic Interests-学术研究兴趣

Academic Interests


  1. Analytic Combinatorics-解析组合论
  2. Analytic Number Theory-解析数论
  3. Approximation Theory-逼近论
  4. Asymptotic Analysis-渐进分析
  5. Classical Mathematical Analysis-经典数学分析
  6. Completely Monotonic Functions-完全单调函数
  7. Computational Number Theory-计算数论
  8. Differential Geometry-微分几何
  9. Mathematics Education-数学教育
  10. Numerical Integration-数值积分
  11. Theory of Complex Functions-复变函数理论
  12. Theory of Convex Functions-凸函数理论
  13. Theory of Integral Transforms-积分变换理论
  14. Theory of Mathematical Inequalities-数学不等式理论
  15. Theory of Mathematical Mean Values-数学平均值理论
  16. Theory of Special Functions-特殊函数理论

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