Sharing Information for “Some new and explicit identities related with the Appell-type degenerate q-Changhee polynomials”

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Dear Author,

Congratulations on publishing “Some new and explicit identities related with the Appell-type degenerate q-Changhee polynomials” in Advances in Difference Equations. By choosing to make your article open access, you are ensuring that your article can be freely accessed by anyone, immediately on publication.

As part of the Springer Nature SharedIt initiative, a stable, shortened URL is now available for you to share full-text access to your paper by using the following link:

As your article is open access, readers will be able to download and print the PDF, and access the full-text HTML as usual. The link has additional benefits over uploading or emailing a static PDF of your article. As readers will be directed to your article on the journal website, all of the views of your article will be captured on your article metrics page on the journal website, enabling a fuller picture of the impact and reach of your research. Readers of your article via the shared link will also be able to use Enhanced PDF features such as annotation tools, one-click supplements, citation file exports and article metrics.

We encourage you to forward this link to your co-authors, as sharing your paper is a great way to improve the visibility of your work. Our publisher Springer Nature is working to assist all authors in disseminating their research to the wider community, and is now also providing authors publishing in subscription journals with the ability to generate a unique shareable link that will allow anyone to read a free, view-only version of the published article. More information on Springer Nature’s commitment to content sharing and the SharedIt initiative is available here.

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