Universities affiliated by Feng Qi

Universities affiliated by Feng Qi


Since 1993, Professor Dr Feng Qi ever published papers affiliated to the following universities.


  1. Some papers affiliated to Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities-以内蒙古民族大学为完成单位发表的论文
  2. Some papers affiliated to Tianjin Polytechnic University以天津工业大学为完成单位发表的论文
  3. Some papers affiliated to Henan Normal University-以河南师范大学为完成单位发表的论文
  4. Some papers affiliated to Henan University-以河南大学为完成单位发表的论文
  5. Some Papers Affiliated to University of Science and Technology of China以中国科学技术大学为完成单位发表的论文
  6. Some papers affiliated to Henan Polytechnic University-以河南理工大学为完成单位发表的论文
  7. Some papers affiliated to University of Electronic Science and Technology of China-以电子科技大学为完成单位发表的论文

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