Classifications of some papers

Classifications of some papers

  1. Some papers on matrices and determinants
  2. Some papers on $q$-analogues of the gamma and polygamma functions
  3. Some papers related to the function $e^{1/x}$ and the Lah numbers
  4. Some papers on star-shaped and additive functions
  5. Explicit formulas of special values for the Bell polynomials of the second kind
  6. Integral representations of functions and sequences-函数和序列的积分表示
  7. Combinatorics and Number Theory-组合论和数论
  8. Complete Monotonicity完全单调性
  9. Generating Functions and Differential Equations生成函数和微分方程
  10. Gamma Functions and Inequalities伽玛函数及其不等式
  11. Means and Inequalities平均值及其不等式
  12. Convex Functions and Inequalities凸函数及其不等式
  13. Integral Inequalities积分不等式
  14. Pólya-Iyengar-Mahajani Type InequalitiesPólya-Iyengar-Mahajani型积分不等式
  15. Bell Numbers and PolynomialsBell数和Bell多项式
  16. Bernoulli Numbers and PolynomialsBernoulli数与Bernoulli多项式
  17. Catalan NumbersCatalan数
  18. Euler Numbers and PolynomialsEuler数与Euler多项式
  19. Stirling Numbers and PolynomialsStirling数和多项式
  20. The Function $(b^x-a^x)/x$函数$(b^x-a^x)/x$
  21. Functional Equations and Computation for Integrals泛函方程与积分计算
  22. Differential Geometry微分几何
  23. Alzer’s InequalityAlzer不等式
  24. Mathieu’s InequalityMathieu不等式
  25. Carleman’s and van der Corput’s InequalitiesCarleman和van der Corput不等式
  26. Trigonometric Functions三角函数
  27. Some papers on tangent function and tangent numbers
  28. Exponential and Power Functions幂函数和指数函数
  29. Elliptic Integral Inequalities椭圆积分不等式
  30. Inequalities on Inverse Trigonometric Functions反三角函数不等式
  31. Inequalities of Harmonic Numbers调和数不等式
  32. Wallis Type InequalitiesWallis型不等式











Polya-MIA-3829 3





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